Fedimg is packaged for EPEL 7. The latest version been tested on RHEL 7 and Fedora 22.

Installing to the system

Install Fedimg with dnf (or yum):

sudo dnf install python-fedimg

The configration file should be found at /etc/fedimg.cfg. You will have to modify this file before Fedimg will work. Read the configuration docs for more info.

Installing to a virtualenv

Make sure koji and fedfind is installed on your system:

sudo dnf install koji fedfind

Create a virtualenv that includes the system install of koji:

mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages fedimg

Install the fedmsg file:

cp fedmsg.d/fedimg.py /etc/fedmsg.d/fedimg.py

From inside the virtualenv, run the setup file:

python setup.py develop

Make sure fedmsg-relay is installed and started:

sudo dnf install fedmsg-relay
sudo systemctl start fedmsg-relay

Finally, a configuration file needs to exist at /etc/fedimg.cfg. An example is provided with Fedimg as fedimg.cfg.example. You can modify this file for your purposes and then copy it to /etc/. Read the configuration docs for more info.